Monday, July 30, 2007

The more I see Bill Paxton's ass - the more I kinda of love it

When I first started watching Big Love, I had no idea what to expect - At first I was prudishly put off by all the husband-sharing and gratuitous polygamist bang-bang... but, most of all - I was off put by how many times the camera found its way to Bill Paxton's naked butt.

Bill has always been quite special to me, in an older brother kind of way. He was Chet in Weird Science - he was the semi-retarded "Yeah man, let Bishop go" guy in Aliens. I've refused, until now - dear reader to ever feel sexual feelings for him. It must be true what Tipper Gore says about repetitive violent imagery in the media - only, I'm not so much desensitized as converted.

Okay, HBO? Do you hear that? You've converted me to the sex cult of Bill Paxton's backside. I hope you're happy now.


Melissa said...

Yuck! I'll take Bruce Dern over that ass any day of the week.

Tracy said...

See - exactly - Normally I'd even take Harry Dean Stanton over that ass - what's wrong with me? I've got problems.