Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Myspace survey 2007 "so far"

First 7 months of 2007:

1. Have you had your birthday yet?

2. Are you with the same person as you were at the beginning of 2007?

3. Are you still in the same job?
Same place/ Different job (Woo (fucking) hoo!)

4. Is your favorite color the same color?
Eh, it's always changing. Right now I'm really loving the aqua/red combo....and purple

5. Have you got the same style/color hair?

6. Have you bought a new car this year?
I bought a car that is new to me.

7. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had this year?
like 20

8. Have you been involved with the police this year?
What do you mean by involved?? I had one pull me over and then not listen to me AT ALL...and then say "that's a long name" after looking at my driver's license

9. All time drinking place for 2007?
the titty bar - definitely the titty bar

10. Is your best friend(s) at the start of 2007 still your best friend?
Yes, though if Tawnya doesn't stop trying to give my brownies away - we're going to have a problem.

11. Got any tattoos or piercings this year?
not yet this year, no. I really want a new tattoo though.

12. Had a hair cut?
I just got one - how ya' like them apples?

13. Been in hospital this year?
I took Tawnya to the hospital when she dislocated her shoulder - again.

14. Lost someone you cared about this year?
to say who would reveal too much about the plot of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

15. Been on a vacation this year?

16. Been in love this year?

17. Fallen out of love this year?

18. Been kicked out of a pub this year?
I've been kicked out of like 10 pubs.

19. Completed any studies this year?
I'm going to start some studies

20. Read a book this year?
no- just magazines and liner notes

21. Worst thing to happen this year?
actually, I can't think of anything really bad. CHeck me out.

22. Best thing to happen this year?

23. How many times have you gotten drunk?

24. Have you fallen for someone this year?
I fall for Lars like 10 times a week

25. Has this year been a good one so far?

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