Friday, December 08, 2006

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I've been thinking a lot lately about..."the future." It's strange to me that at 32, I still have no idea what I really want to do with my life and no real goals or clues or magic unicorns to wish on to help me know what to do or give me a job that would not only be, in some way fulfilling but also pay me a decent, secure amount of money.
I never even thought I would care about money, but of course, now that I don't have any...and am constantly having to ask myself, "Gosh, dooo I have enough money for a new bra?" "Can I actually pay this bill?" I'm really beginning to understand why my mom and dad wanted me to become a lawyer or a doctor.
Of course, it's relatively too late for those job options....I'm sorry, I know I'm still young, but the thought of 8 more years of school makes my vagina cringe.
I know that it's ill-advised to blog about work, but I just want to call out libraries for a second. Libraries! You suck. You're full of lofty ideas, but you have created a second class citizenry in your workforce. Librarians v. "STAFF." Librarians get all the respect and better wages, while staff members, (i.e. those grunts doing the real work and covering your ignorant asses) labor away, getting treated like shit and making dick-fifty an hour. You claim to be these institutions of learning and respect, but you can't manage to treat your own workforce with dignity and you certainly don't value the skill, intelligence and talent they bring to the table. And all because of one missing degree.
The fact is, libraries, most of your staff members are either older with 20 or more years experience or educated young folks (like me) who got tricked into thinking this awesome job at the library might lead somewhere. Only guess what....bait and switch, biatch! You're stuck. I got hired five years ago at the TOP of the Bottom of the library's food chain and now there's no place for me to go.
I won't even get into the fact that I, after five years of dedicated service only make $1.15 more than I did when I started in 2001. I'm sorry library, but that's just fucking criminal.
I don't blame my specific library per se, but the entire universe of libraries because it disappoints me to know behind the ideals and pursuit of information and knowledge, lies the dirty little secret of class war and indescribable inequity.

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