Monday, May 15, 2006


So, Friday night Lars and I were watching Keith Olbermann as we always do when the "Worst Person in the World" segment came on and the words, "but today's worst person in the world is Laura Lee Medley..."
Say what?
Here is the course my brain took:
Hey, weird...Keith just said our last name.
Laura Lee is like Lorelie.
That's a lot like Lars' sister's name.
*Picture of a woman who looks kind of like if Lars had a bruisery type looking older brother appears on the screen*

"Is that your sister?"
"Is it?"
"Holy shit."

Yes, my sister-in-law Laura Lee Medley was Keith's worst person in the world on Friday. Not Worse. Not Worser....but, THE WORST. She has apparently been suing cities in California for ADA non-compliance because she supposedly sustained injuries while trying to navigate her wheelchair. What's bad about that? Well, for one....she isn't handicapped. When Las Vegas police attempted to arrest her, she told them she needed to go to the hospital...they took her and while there she leapt from her chair and tried to make a frigging run for it. She was caught of course and is now awaiting extradition back to California.
The irony in all this (well, besides meeting my sister-in-law for the first time via cable news) is that her brother (my hot husband) has been working for most of his adult life with developmentally disabled people and is an activist on behalf of the disabled.
Her bullshit stunt and the way it's being portrayed by the Associated Press and Reuters is going to make it more difficult for actual disabled people to file complaints.
Fox News even referred to her as a "paraplegic activist"...uh yeah except she's neither...she's just your run of the mill con-artist, which is totally clear if you're willing to read more than one paragraph... but, I guess "paraplegic activist" trying to be all liberal and fuck the system just sounds sexier.
At least Keith kept it real and all we could do was laugh like we would if it were some other jackass from someone else's family.
Yeah, so my world just got a lot, lot smaller.

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Jimi said...

That is so awesome. I'm gonna have to start following this story now.