Friday, May 12, 2006

Yes, I'm writing about Veronica Mars again... just in case you forgot you should be renting those 1st season DVDS and signing some internet petitions

Seth at Pajiba did an awesome write up of the season finale , Lars and I are only two episodes away from having rewatched the entire season sans UPN breaks and commercials and I've now read at least 105 pages of TWOP forum chatter. TWOP forums are a strange vortex to find youself in. Most of the chat is intelligent, funny and thought provoking, but the occassional teen does stumble in to remind you that today's youth really don't have any attention span. I mean really...I understand missing some things, but if you can't keep up on the major plot points of a serialized television show (albeit a very complicated, but not Anna Karenina complecated television show), you have a problem.
Much chatter has been made of the season bookended Logan/Veronica La Pieta poses on Veronica's couch. While the shots, in both episodes were beautiful what exactly are they trying to say about Logan and Veronica's "epic" relationship? At the beginning of the season Veronica saved Logan (of course that only lasted about three seconds and then came the Delays, "Long time coming" Donut montage, but for one brief moment she was the only person he could be with. The only person who really understood him). At season's end it is Logan who saves Veronica quite literally from both being killed and becoming a killer.

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