Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I've been obsessing over this website for two days now. There is really nothing like a wellspring of new music to get you to do your job.
New favorites that I plan on spending money I don't have on:
Eiffel Tower, Katie the Pest, Envelopes, a Guided By Voices record I don't have, a 50 Ft. Wave record I don't have and probably many more. Thanks for making me just a little more materialistic, fuckers.
Also, there is some sort of tar smell in the air. I love that nobody gives a shit if we die in mist of toxic fumes. Fuck us very much.

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James said...

Indeed. The Envelopes are quite odd, but I've been enjoying them lately, too. Also, I noticed that the 3Hive guy has a very good Destroyer track from the latest album, which is very good, and which I can heartily endorse. It might seem pretentious at first, but it grew on me like a motherfucker. Maybe because I'm pretentious.