Thursday, March 30, 2006

Support local artists!

My friend Anita, who is an amazing artist, has just finished her website. Go there, buy things!! Look, you can even buy me naked!!

I had this conversation with my friend and co-worker Lisa about people we know who are able to make their living doing something they love. I mean, what would it be like to just do your art and not have to get up at 6am to sit in front of a computer all day? What would it be like to not be so drained that you actually had time to do the things you actually love?

Anita and her husband are my friends who adopted two little boys from Kazakhstan last year. It's been awe inspiring watching them become instant parents. Adopting the boys wasn't easy for them financially. Kevin has been working as much as he can and Anita has become a full time mother and home-schooler. They've sacrificed so much just to have a family. I've always admired them both as artists, but I admire them even more as people.

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