Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Almost as Much Fun as 90 Minutes of Projectile Vomiting!"

Pajiba's review of "Grandma's boy" has now made it impossible for me NOT to see Grandma's Boy. How fucked up is that?

Speaking of fucked up.... Once again, Lars and I have rounded up our less than prized CD's to sell for crack money, er, I mean to make sure our mortgage check doesn't bounce. Every month our bills get higher and we still ain't making any more money. In a recent misguided bout with myself, I analyzed my current salary and realized that even though I've been working at my current job for 5 years and have absorbed more and more work over that time, I only make 74 fucking cents more an hour than when I started in 2001. There is something profoundly wrong about that. See, I work for the state... and the state legislators, while giving themselves annual 18% raises have shrugged off all other state employees by perpetuating the myth that state employees "don't work very hard and therefore don't deserve competitive wages" (or even comparable wages... or wages that reflect uptrends in the cost of living).
I'm really at a loss. Do I look for a new job? Do I give up on ever using the skills I've learned here? Do I give up on the five years I've invested?
I'm even considering taking a part time job somewhere, but when I think about that, my eyeballs start to buldge. I'm already stretched thin and am totally exhausted with life as it is. Could I really add another 20 hours of work to my life?
What I need is a rich benefactor willing to pay off all of my current debts who would let me repay them at like 2% interest. Are you out there benefactor?? I only need like $200,000.

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