Wednesday, January 11, 2006

4-eyed ho!

I got called "4-eyed ho" by some little highschool fuckers while walking to the bus stop this morning. I don't think they realized that the 4-eyed ho would actually be sharing the bus with them.
This brings me exactly to my point today. I hate people. They're generally assholes and they can generally sit and spin as far as I'm concerned.
Except you guys. You guys are okay.


Anonymous said...

while it is true that you are a 4-eyes, you are DEFINITELY not a ho and i would like to find those little fuckers and kick their little fucker asses for you.


2-eyes tawnya

ErLeCa said...

Kids can be fucking little bastards! I'm with tawnya, we should all go kick their asses.

Anonymous said...

Four eyed mommy will come kick their fuckin assess too. Tawnya, if you are listening Happy Birthday, I do love you!