Friday, January 06, 2006

Mrs. Vegetable Medley

I finally went to the Social Security office today for the big name change (okay, I'm keeping my maiden name as a middle name, so it's more of a name add). (Wait! Sorry for the parentheticals, but, the term "maiden" name is really, really funny to me right now. It makes me wish I had dressed like Galadriel and made friends with unicorns before I got married...anyway). The Social Security office is located smack in the middle of Salt Lake City's beautiful bum-town...directly across the street from one our lovely government run "liqueur" stores. It was filled with crazy, stinky people with lots and lots of problems. LOTS of problems. There weren't many people there, but it took them an hour to even call my name.
I felt so sorry for the dude helping me that I didn't even make any jokes. I just handed him my application and marriage certificate and hoped he spelled my name right. After what that guy had been through during my hour of observation, I wasn't about to correct him.
So, all is well and I have 4 names now and in a week I get to go to the DMV and do the whole thing again. Can't wait.

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