Thursday, August 11, 2005

Post #1 - Replies to comments

Dear Bad Hippie,

We got our rings from e-weddingbands. They're based out of Provo and were wonderful to deal with. They were really reasonably priced and offered free fed ex shipping. We got the rings yesterday and we LOVE them. The rings are great quality and they came super fast. It was hard for us to take them off last night.

Dear Tawnya,

I feel like I haven't seen you or talked to you in days. What the hell? I want to have lunch today. Call me.

Dear Karin,

You made me cry... in a good way. I got about a paragraph in before I realized that it was you, which only made me cry more. You and Jimi are total marriage icons to me. You have such a beautiful, warm relationaship and you love each other so intently and so's truly amazing. I love seeing how, after so many years together, you still seem as joyous and in love as newlyweds. I love knowing that two people can grow and change together and support one another's dreams. Seeing examples like the two of you reminds me that if you work at it, you really can have a lasting and fulfilling lifelong relationship. I really do love you both and am so happy that I met you before you left.

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Bad Hippie said...

Thanks, Tracy. I don't know if the future man-to-be wants to wear a ring (some guys just don't), but geez...I sure found one I could love wearing on that web site. Thanks for the info...and you look great in the dress. Belly roll, be damned. Obviously, Lars likes YOU and you don't need to worry about a thing...well, except for the giant stress-related zit that many brides bemoan on their wedding day! Oh, wait...that may have been me, I guess, on my (first) wedding day, many, many moons ago. :) Best of luck to you and Lars!