Thursday, August 11, 2005

Post #2 - Construction junction or why I am soooo bored

Wow. I came off like a total rag yesterday. I should clarify that I've only really had 2 jerky experiences with friends even though I made it sound much more dramatic yesterday. I guess the drama still's just much less wide spread than I made it sound. Nearly all of my family and friends have been lovely and amazing and in all of my pissing and moaning I forgot to mention that.

Work is DULL today. Lisa is home sick, Kinza is working from home with the baby and the Blev is at a seminar. So, I'm basically here by myself. Normally, I could get into it. I would put on some sweet tunes (I do have some sweet XTC with me today) and work away like a little bee, but there's a spoke in the wheel. Something is totally wiggety wack with my email... so, like I ain't getting any. I think that all of the computer hackery of late has really caused some problems. Yesterday, I didn't get the pictures that Kinza sent of Ashar and I almost cried. Lars emailed me three times this morning and I haven't gotten them. What the hell?
I'm feeling most isolated and that makes Tracy cranky.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that having awesome lunch with your awesome friend Angie was totally awesome and helped relieve some of the boredom. Yes? Yes!

Tracy said...

Yes. Yes it did. I do declare.