Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Danny Kaye! Pop that coochay!

So, I was listening to 2 Live Crew's "Pop that coochie" yesterday and (what?? I'm from South Florida... where we affectionately call Luther Campbell, "Uncle Luke") there's this part where they start calling out celebraties who's coochies they'd like to see popped: "Sandra B. pop that coochiee....Madonna pop that stinky, smelly coochie" etc... But...and I'm not kidding, if I could post it on here I would, it sounds like the first person they call out is the now deceased veteran of physical comedy, Danny Kaye.
Can this be true?


James said...

According to the 2 Live Crew Unofficial Home Page, they're speaking of the famous sister of the infamous brother:


Janet J, pop, that pus-sy!
Bu-bles, pop, that pus-sy!
Sandra P, pop, that pus-sy!
Ma-donna, pop that stinky smelly pussy, baby!

Tracy said...

AH HA!!!!!!

THank you. THank you. I still hear Danny Kaye though...and I'm just a little sad that it isn't what they're actually saying.

James said...

No kidding. Especially considering the Olivier-fucking suspicions. Uncle Luke can dream, but only Laurence knows what it's like to pop Danny Kaye's puss-y.

Oh, I haven't been ignoring you, by the way. My job has been a disgusting, busy, callous slit lately. Where's the me time?

Anonymous said...

i wish it woulda been danny kaye too. janet j. is so dumb.

- tawnya