Wednesday, May 18, 2005

As boring as they wanna be

I'll save you the trauma of trying to watch Britney & Kevin: CHAOTIC yourselves and tell you that Britney's camera work isn't the only thing about the show that might make you blow chunks. Lars (smart as he is) offered to start the dishes leaving me and Shannon to watch the most boring train wreck of all time.
Things that I learned from "Chaotic:"
1. Britney is ugly. With make-up, without make up. Her skin, my god! quote Shannon, "That Cheeto diet has not been kind." All that said, her knockers are totally sweet.
2. Kevin looks a little, no, a lot like an evil ferrit with a pubic beard.
3. Brit is boring. Kevin is boring-er.
4. According to Kevin: "Love is like love. Love is a committment. I don't believe in marriage, but you can get married."
5. Brit thinks that Eminem complains too much (and I shiver as I agree with her).
6. Brit saying the word, "sexy" causes bile to rise in my throat.
7. Watching these two greasey yoddlers "fall in love" is about as appealing as an anal exam with a cheese grater.
8. Did I mention her knockers?



Katie your Sista said...

oh my god don't leave out their totally cute matching wife beaters and trucker hats. if that doesnt spell love i dont know what does!!

Tracy said...

a note:
Stee from TWOP made the exact same observation that I did about Kevin. Creeeepy.
He said, "vaginal beard" though, which is funnier. Yay Stee!