Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sitting on top of the religious divide

In Utah there are basically 6 kinds of people:

1. Not Mormon/ never been / - hater of Mormons
2. Not Mormon/ never been/ - ambivalent about Mormons
3. Mormon - political conservative - "cultural Mormon"- hater of non-Mormons and homosexuals
4. Mormon - political liberal - culturally neutral - ambivalent about both fellow Mormons and non-Mormons
5. Not Mormon/ raised Mormon - un-naturally bitter about Mormons
6. Not Mormon/ raised Mormon - don't give a shit (though they'll sometimes make jokes or get pissed off about "the church", they try to be generally respectful of all people...including but not limited to the followers of his holiness Yahweh Ben Yahweh).

I was just going to talk about how complicated living here can be, but now that I've numbered it like that, it's pretty fucking simple.
I'm a #6 (tee hee, I giggle because I get to be the sexy cylon).

What are you?


Anonymous said...

i'm a number 4. only two away from being the sexy cylon or patrick mcgoohan like you! i love my tracy.

- tawnya

Miriam said...

#4 for me as well.

ErLeCa said...

I'd have to say I'm #2.

Kristy said...

Add me to the #4's. Is it just me, or do knitters as a whole tend to be more liberal than the masses? I dunno. Just a thought.