Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vanilla: With other natural flavors

Packing blows. We've got all of our books and movies packed, which would be really impressive if we didn't have tons more shit just waiting to be chucked into a box. How is it humanly possible to have so much crap?
Luckily, I have wonderful friends that have all offered to help. I love you dudes.
Speaking of which it's Angie's birthday today, so let's all wish her a happy birthday.
In other news, I really have to confess my current addiction to Dannon's "Carb Control" yogurt smoothies. I'm not proud or anything, I just needed to tell someone because clearly Splenda has crack in it and research must be done. It's okay though, I'm counteracting it with a cappuccino coffee drink from Starbucks, which I think has enough sugar to power a nuclear reactor, if indeed nuclear reactors were powered by sugar.

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Dutch said...

Last time I moved it took 34 boxes just for books, movies, effigies, and other such smaller-than-box-sized items. Once everything's in boxes, though, it's the easiest game of tetris you've ever played. Thank the dark lord for Blackwell's.