Monday, March 28, 2005

YOU try having multiple orgasms with a dog in your lap!

Everything is pretty much packed packed up that I had to unpack a box to find a panty-liner this morning. I've been reduced to a scavenger in my own home.
On Saturday, Tawnya, Shannon, Karin & Angie came over to the "new house" to help me clean it. I can't even begin to describe the filth. By the time Dan, Paula and the kids got there to help us clean out the fridge, I had already lost any sense of pride. Shannon and I were scraping, what we concluded was rotting egg yolk with our bare fingernails. I've decided to nominate Karin for sainthood after she cleaned a mouse's nest (and toilet) out of my range hood. Yep, a NEST....and TOILET. *shudder*
We also discovered that our toilet (not the mouse's) leaks in two places, there's a hole in the wall behind the kitchen sink and the kitchen faucet stopped working altogether.
Despite all of these new flaws the house looks positively livable now. It definitely needs paint and (even after the Bisselling I did) new flooring,'s a house that a semi-insane O.C.D. haver could almost live in comfortably.
Tomorrow Lars and I will own this house and it's kind of freaking me out. It's so grown up and scary, but I have learned one thing : I have AMAZING friends who were willing to give up their Saturday to clean up someone else's filth with me. I've been beaming with love for them all weekend.
Thanks dudes.

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