Monday, July 02, 2007

I feel SickO to my stomach

Lars and I saw Sicko over the weekend - for our date night no less. To be fair, it was totally my idea. We were both really wanting to see the new Die Hard movie as well, but we had our voting dollars to consider. Do we give opening weekend box office $$ to Michael Moore or Bruce Willis? I seriously love Bruce's work and you can be sure I will be watching the shit out of Live Free or Die Hard sometime this week, but I couldn't justify it until I'd made a point of seeing Sicko.

The movie is by far Moore's most bleak. I was in full-on tears within the first 5 minutes...and while I know he's a provocateur, Moore mostly lets the horror and success stories speak for themselves.

When are we all moving to France?

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Anonymous said...

I wish you would've called this blog entry "I feel sicko to my stomach-o."