Friday, June 29, 2007

Help Me Bring the Buffy Musical Sing-a-long to Salt Lake

Write an email to both the Salt Lake Film Society and the Buffy musical folks.


samuel said...

oh my god! i just emailed tori at salt lake film society yesterday about this. i got a response saying slc film had tried, but nothing happened. i've already emailed my friends in the valley about it. weird that i just found your site.

Tracy said...

This pleases me beyond measure. You're obviously good people, Samuel!

Tori emailed me back and said they've been getting a bunch of emails this week, so here's hoping we've done some good.

If they bring it - Let's sit together and sing our little hearts out.

"They Got the Mustard Out!"

samuel said...

yes we shall sit together. with your lips as red as rubies. ;)