Monday, June 18, 2007

Car Shopping is hard

Seriously. I don't have enough time to tell the whole "car salesman" story right now, but UGH. I'm sure the experience would be different if we had tons of money to burn, but we don't so it makes it much more scary and daunting.

In other news, my face is peeling like I've got a sunburn, I can't breathe out of my left nostril and my eyes feel like they were dipped in itching powder and glass.

Thanks allergies.


Melissa said...

Oh my god! The allergies! I know! I went to my Father-in-law's last night and he has these cottonwood trees that almost killed me. I was a mess all night. Stupid, stupid allergies.

Anonymous said...

I actually do have glass in my eye right now, a flourescent light blew up in my face.

Ya, I think you should come down and go car shopping with the Mack. Chea!