Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"The land of opportunity never seemed so anorexic."

First of all, the million dollar bra was worth every penny. The boobs are lifted, separated and they look kind of pretty too. Wow. Fayreform! You have won my heart.

Speaking of boobies - Americas Next Top Model ended its 8th cycle tonight and I have to admit, like at the end of every season, I feel just a little empty inside. Jaslene won and while she's kind of funny, I'm left thinking, huh? Really? I know models are supposed to be thin and I'm not a fat-elitist or anything, but that girl is waaaay too skinny.

All of Tyra's yammering and grandstanding about weight and body issues fall flat now that we've heard her go on and on about Jaslene's "great body." The hell? I'm not saying that Jaslene is unhealthy, because I don't know for sure, but she is definitely the skinniest girl I've ever seen on the show and that is saying a lot. Not only that - but, I'm still not convinced of her being "born female." Not that it matters - I mean a tranny Top Model winner would be amazing, but at least be honest about it. I'm rambling now and it really doesn't matter. I'll watch that fucking show no matter what they do because it's funny and lame and never stops contradicting itself. It's genius television and Tyra deserves every penny she gets, because god knows she needs every penny for that wig collection she's got going.

I'm sad for Natasha though - I had become emotionally invested in that crazy, mail order bride. Sigh. When does the next cycle begin?

Melissa has a GREAT post on the same subject: HERE

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