Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sweet potato fries

I am stressed out. We're in the middle end of refinancing our house (it should have been easy, but kind of isn't) and speaking of the house, it's in total upheaval because we recently discovered that we actually have hardwood floors (which is yay), but it means that we're living like college dorm roomies with all of our shit crammed into the back rooms and our bed in the living room. It took one week and Angie, Greg, Melissa and Tawnya to scrape a butt load of paint off of our floors. Yes, some butthole painted the walls and kitchen cabinets without putting down a tarp...on our living room and bedroom floors.
Pulling up carpet is really a process of mystery. Anyway, I'm happy about the floors - it already smells %15 less like a pet store in our house and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the potential this new discovery brings for our home. For one it means I actually like it again. Me and the house are like "back together," I'm just not ready for tongue kissing or sex yet.
In other news...I can't stop breaking out. My hormones are total bitches. It doesn't help that our loan is in limbo and has been for a little too long to feel completely comfortable, our house is in shambles and no matter what I do, I keep getting fatter. Hooray. I ordered some hippie lotion products from Canada that I'm hoping will help make my skin "not disgusting" again. It hasn't come yet - but, I will provide you with full reviews once I've tried it. I'm using a standby lotion right now and it's turning the greasy parts of my face even greasier and the flaky dry patches are flakier. Thanks fuckers.
Work is also - well, I can't really talk about it, but trust me when I say I've got to get out of that place. The powers that be keep dangling false carrots and acting like they respect me and some of my co-workers and have us in mind for bigger things - but their words and their deeds? They don't be matching. It's so frustrating not knowing how long I should hold out before telling them to eat my dog's shits. Ya know what I'm spraying?
Other than all that - life is pretty good. Ha! No really. I have really great friends (new and old) and I've made a commitment to start walking/exercising every day and I think that's helped my self-esteem a bit. Yeah, also Lars is analyzing (like really seriously) an episode of Prince of Tennis right now and it's really the most darling thing in the universe.


Anonymous said...

Is that the tennis cartoon on adult swim? ahahahaha. Sweet potato french frys rule the world.

Tracy said...

It totally is. Ryoma is a little bitch.

When are we getting together, little brother? I want to see you.

Anonymous said...

Those Japanese can make a cartoon about ANYTHING! Have you seen One Piece? Very funny show as well.

Soon I hope big sister!