Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Infamous Note from "Alien Head" that my mom photocopied and gave to his parents (click images to enlarge)

The awesomeness of this note can hardly be expressed. Is he saying he loves Prince there at the end? I'm still not sure and for the record I have no memory of what "K. K-ing" is supposed to mean.
My mom found this note in my backpack, photocopied it, called his parents and our Bishop to come over so they could all read it allowed. She should have called his English teacher while she was at it.


Jimi Jones said...

He's not real great on the foreplay is he? Masoging the breasts leads directly to making love. Also, is this note written to you or Prince? He says something about Prince at the end. Makes me think maybe it's actually a fan note to Prince?

Tracy said...

Yeah, I know and who doesn't want to mosoge Prince's breasts?f