Sunday, March 11, 2007


I had the busiest weekend ever...but, in the best possible way. Friday night -Kelly came over for dinner. Saturday we saw 300 with Tawnya, Ned and Agnes - then went to a game party at my friend Krissy's house. My other friend, Carolyn brought her Nintendo Wii and I can safely say that I both want a Wii and have developed the infamous Wii-arm next-day soreness.
After the party we went to the store to get a few extra "fixins" for the frittata I wanted to make for a brunch this morning at my "bosom friend," Melissa's house. Melissa is wonderful - that's really the only way I know how to put it. I'll get all sappy if I go on too long here, but I will say that after a fair many years actively making sure I never tried to or accidentally made any new, close, female friends - she is 100% worth it. I am friend-smitten.
Her house is inspiring (despite the things that she hates and would kill me for mentioning here) and her family is just beautiful. I am 100% in love with getting to know them. Yay! New friends.

I honestly thought I would never feel that way again. Let's face it - I been burned, baby...I been burned. This isn't to say of course the the friends I've had over the years aren't amazing. I have just been in space for the past few years where I've felt like I had oh, I'm so completely taken care of by my small circle of homies, I couldn't possibly need anyone else and in turn don't have anymore to give away. But, I was wrong, I do need more and I can give more as well. It's so sadly rare to find other women you can trust... other women who will lift you up and inspire you to be more, do more, feel better about yourself. I'm so grateful to the universe to have found another sister....or sista.

Anyhoo - after our fantastic brunch (Melissa's husband, Brett made the yummiest french toast I've ever eaten...I seriously almost died in attempting not to embarrass myself by eating ten more peices) we had dinner with Angie and Greg, watched Battlestar Galactica and now I'm trying to make myself go to sleep. Daylight Saving Time...I'm looking at you.

Tomorrow - I give my review of the 300 (A.K.A. Carnival of Metal Face and Man-cans) ...sweet, sweet man-cans.

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Melissa said...

You can never embarrass yourself at our house. Next time eat the whole pan! I'm gonna be more pushy in the future and make sure you eat until you can't stand up.

You made me start crying (which isn't hard to do) with all the nice things you wrote.

All I can do without sobbing, or dancing for joy, or totally nerding out is quote The Swayze and say, "Ditto."