Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vlogs and Jesus Camp Scare the Shit out of Me

Vlogs are the most baffling phenomenon I've ever encountered. Realizing that I'm one to talk - I blab here about my innermost occasionally, but I rarely do it naked...and when I am naked, I don't tell you and I certainly don't show you. Hellllooo. I'm getting ahead of myself because it isn't even the confessional nature of the vlog that wigs me - it's how various vloggers vlog about something and then other vloggers make "response vlogs" where they talk to the previous vlogger about their vlog. Vlog...vlog...vlog. It's like they have this strangely drawn out conversation, but don't want to be bothered with the hassle of interruption - so they produce these incredible oratories and/or hilarious ramblings and pass them back and forth like junior high M.A.S.H. notes. I'm scared of it, saddened by it - but also really fascinated.

If anyone really wants to know what I'm talking about do a search for "David Lynch Coffee" on Youtube. Her riff about Tori Amos tampons is pure gold.

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