Friday, February 23, 2007

MacBook: Cracked no more

Yay! The baby is back home. She has an entirely new keyboard - "top case" thingie. It's totally different feeling, like it's smoother, but has a more matte feel, especially the trackpad, which is cool because the earlier trackpad was sort of slick to the touch and it absorbed dirt really easily. The entire top case is actually thicker and sits a bit higher and is rounded off on the edges so I no longer get stabbed when I'm not being a perfect-posture typer, which is definitely a rad and unexpected perk or upgrade or whatever. The old one sat more flush and therefore more stabby.
My only real complaint is the much less clicky keyboard - as I've said before, I am a total fan of the almost obnoxious click in my the old keyboard's step, and while this one's buttons are just as resistant and bouncy, they make a much less pleasing clickity-clack, hardly a price concidering that this palm rest won't absorb my wrist goo and stain or crack off. It actually feels sturdier...and is, I'm quite positive, a bit heavier than it was before.

So, so-long clicky-clacky, I will miss you....but, I'm so glad to have my baby back... it was like I lost a limb.

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