Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I want to compose a list, if only to show that I actually do indeed still exist. I haven't been able to blog. I would say it's because I have no time, but that wouldn't exactly be true. I've made time for nothing besides the minimal 40-yard stare into my computer screen at work and the manic shuffling of papers for the occasions when my boss happens by. It's sad really, but I just haven't felt very energetic about life lately. Not that I've felt badly, I haven't. I just feel lazy, unmotivated and all around lame. I would like to blame the toxic inversion poison I (and all Salt Lakers) have been breathing for more than a week now. It's poisoning my will to live.
Here is the list, okay... it's of things I want to do in 2007
1. Write a book. HA.
2. Get a new job that pays me what I'm worth
3. Fix the floors in my house and paint all the rooms
4. Walk more/ Exercise more
5. Try to think nicer thoughts about people
6. Move back toward completely cruelty free consumerism
7. Eat less meat
8. Do more drawing, writing, knitting...Be more creative in general
9. Buy or make all Christmas presents for next year by September '07
10. Roller Skate more

So on that note, I've started formulating the idea for "my book." Typing the words, "my book" almost made me puke...so bare with me, since I can't handle my own pretentiousness. It is about a girl who tortures, kills and mutilates men (and a few women) and blogs about it. Her blog becomes an instant sensation...of course. It's a satire...a response actually to Bret Easton Ellis' novel, American Psycho; which is a great book, but one that made me and most of the women I know who have read it completely uncomfortable. Ellis uses the landscape of women's dissected bodies as metaphor and while that's brilliant, it's also violating. I want to use the trope of the violation of male bodies in much the same way...to illuminate a different allegory. Big Word Nerd alert!!!

We'll see. If I make it past the 10 page mark, I'll let you know.

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jimi said...

I LOVE American Psycho. Any book with a chapter called "Tries to cook and eat girl" is a winner in my book.