Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Very Happy Halloween

Last night I was in perhaps one of the foulest moods of all time and not at all looking forward to having brats knock on my door, make my dogs bark like rabid hell hounds, interrupting with ferocity, my Veronica Mars "stories." Add to this, the breakage of our furnace and the subsequent deep freeze that overtook our house...and you have, well, a very cranky Tracy.
Up and down the basement stairs, clicking all the buttons on the furnace, messing with the thermostat, hollering back and forth at one another trying to coordinate the gentle ballet of flipping all the right buttons at the right time. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
After an hour of this...nothing.
We huddled like hobos around our tiny space heater and waited for the little costumed-jerk parade to come knocking, demanding our candy.
First batch of kids I made Lars answer the door, while I held the dogs back from ripping out their greedy little throats. Lars gave them their candy and shut the door.
"Oh, the little skeleton was pretty cute," I say.
"Did you see the little girl with the pig-tails?"
"No." I ran to the window to catch a glimpse at the little blonde, pig-tailed one... and yeah...that was pretty much it. Hard heart turned straight into marshmallow goo.
And they only interrupted Veronica twice.


Anonymous said...

i love when tracy's heart grows three times that day.

- tawnya

Jimi said...

I saw some cute kids on Halloween. Melted me heart as well.