Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Sup Mothertruckers?

I haven't shaved my legs in like 5 days and while oddly liberating (well, it liberates about 5 minutes of my "getting ready" time in the morning) it has this way of making me feel like my shower didn't take or something. Like the hair on my legs captures the body filth and lovingly migrates the filth upward...all the way to my head, giving way to the awesome feeling of having dipped my entire noggin in a vat of tepid bacon grease. Am I the only one who experiences this feeling, I wonder?


Last night's episode of America's Next Top Model made me realize something very important about "Miss" Tyra Banks: That bitch, is crazy. I've known it all along really, I mean no one can be that unaware of her own self-obsession and not be just a little insane. But, last she did something that really illustrated just how bizarre she truly is. During panel she told one of the girls that she was really giving a lot to the camera or some bullshit, but she made it sound like a good thing so the girl was all, "awww, Thanks Tyra." Then during judging, in reference to that same girl she said, "I dunno, I think she's trying too hard. Like there's a difference between dedication and desperation." Yes, Ty-Ty and if anyone would know anything about desperation, it would be you, sweet heart. But, no really, what the hell?
You made a girl think you were complimenting her and then talked shit when she wasn't, what if she amps up even more next week thinking that's what you want from her?
Ugh. I have other problems with you and the show....
Eugena, for instance. Maybe she's really pretty in person, but on the show she looks completely wrecked and by the judging panel's own admission, she's only taken ONE good picture...and yet, you won't cut this ugly bitch. Someone please explain.


Anonymous said...

last nights episode really bothered me. the little high school girl got cut and she was upset because she missed her graduation, which happened to be that same night. she's crying about it, and tyra tries to make it better by telling her that so many other girls would love to be in her shoes. so tyra, you're trying to tell me that thousands of other girls would love to miss their high school graduation so they could get cut from america's next top model? gah!

Tracy said...

Tyra's a skank. That part made me so mad. That girl was so cute and she actually took some pretty great pictures, unlike Eugena-dead-eyes.
And what's with the keeping of the he-she who can't stop pissing and moaning about her frakking short haircut. *Other than her Bobby Brown picture, cos that was fuckin' sweet.