Monday, October 09, 2006

Tomorrow!!! The Early becomes a Midg

My best friend Angie is getting married tomorrow. If you know Angie and how utterly embarrassed she can get by just about anything related to typical human can only slightly imagine how hilarious and heartwarming it's been watching her plan a wedding.
She hates conformity.....hates fancy....hates make-up....hates all things girlie, so watching her navigate the ultimate girlie event has been almost as entertaining as good t.v.
What's insane is that despite her hatred and embarrassment at joining the rest of us mere mortals in the ritual of marriage...she's planned a pretty damn pretty one...and she did it all out of spiral notebook.
My own notebook last year was pink with pockets and subject dividers. I was a wedding resister also...but, clearly had less of a problem mind-melding with the wedding borg than Ang.
She's going to be a beautiful bride despite her protestations and the "arm zit" she acquired this morning.
I can't wait to see her marry the boy she loves tomorrow.

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