Monday, October 09, 2006

Television on the Bloggio

A whole week without blogging makes Tracy a dull girl. Especially since her good friend Jimi sent her a great blogging inspiration book for her birthday. Last week I decided that I was actually going to work at work and write my 4 stories per week totally at home while balancing awesome new seasons of my favorite t.v. shows. It made blogging almost impossible, but like I said a few weeks ago....I'll try harder.

The good news? Veronica Mars season 3 aired on the "new CW" network last Tuesday and was, much to my relief...frakking awesome. Not to mix metaphors or t.v. shows, but V. Mars made hilarious reference to my other fave, Battlestar Galactica by using the word, "frak" repeatedly.
I had my doubts about Veronica's shift to college life and the new cast members... look forward to Richard Greiko later in the season...but, if the first ep. of the season was any indication... I'm completely on board. Frakking-A.

The same cannot be said for Gilmore Girls, which is under new management from David Rosenthal. I can't really say that he's doing a bad job. Both the first and second eps. of the season were...okay...but, I'm sorry to say neither ep. made me all. The writing is definitely slower than the A.S.P. stuff and the pop-culture referencing has fallen a few echelons...I mean, they're still making them, but they aren't quite as fun and obscure, thereby taking away that wonderful "insider" feeling you get when you know the band, movie, book...whatever they're talking about. It kind of makes me sad. On the positive side, Rory actually acted like a a real friend to Lane, which she hasn't done for at least three seasons by my count...and Lorelei's bitch quotient has also subsided to a low-burn. It's really phenomenal how they turned such likeable, adorable, wonderful characters and made them such hollow, self-centered and unreal meanies between the 3rd and 6th seasons. I'm not holding my breath, but if Rosenthal can't make them's hoping he can at least make them nice again.

Battlestar Galactia also started this week. As I mentioned I've already seen the rough cuts of the first 4 eps., but it was nothing compared to the real thing. There were some surprising changes in the final cut and I know I've said it before but it bares repeating...Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television. Get thee indoctrinated forthwith.

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jimi said...

Dude, you're totally right on about the changes to the BSG edit. Like when the "nice" Six gets shot in the head? And when Laura slaps Tigh? Totally awesome. And I couldn't agree more about Gilmore Girls. What the fuck happened. Lorelei used to be kinda confused, not a fucking harpy. And Rory (whose acting has, strangely enough, gotten worse) is kind of an airhead now. What the frak?