Monday, September 25, 2006

Lying Down Gives the Brain More Victory Juice

So much writing. It's really taking its toll. I'm starting to feel like when those kids get all their juice sucked out by aliens in "Strange Invaders," starring Paul LaMatt.
I'm in the middle of a piece right now, but promised myself I would be more faithful to my own blog from now on, so I hope you can forgive the little random posts I'll most likely be leaving.
But, something just occurred to me: I think I actually write better while lying on my stomach. Is that possible? Is there any sort of scientific data to back me up?
Is it possible that more brain juice flows to the cerebral region when I'm in this position?
I'm just asking.
I also write much better in the bedroom than in the living room, probably because there isn't a t.v. in the bedroom, but don't think I haven't considered playing my new Firefly or Battlestar dvds on this computer in a little box while I "work."

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