Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Keith Olbermann gave yet another "special comment" last night and as scathing as the others have been, this was bar far his most furious. If you missed it, please watch it or read the transcript here.
For some Keith crossed the line last night. Even the ladies of Either Relevant or True expressed, with trepidation that Keith had gone too far.
I can respect that and I certainly understand why some were put off, after all...we're not used to straight talk. Especially when that straight talk comes from the left and is spoken with such eloquence and intelligence and completeness of thought. We're used to mousing, grousing and skirting. We're used to our editorialists smiling at their philosophical enemies and blogging about them behind their backs. We're used to dodging, caging and downright deception, but what we are not used to in this country is hearing a man speak from his gut, his conscience and his heart. We aren't used to men or anyone telling it like they see it. It's shocking to hear such words spoken, but they do need to be said. I can only marvel that it took a former sports reporter to take the stage and remind us all that journalism is supposed to mean something...that social commentary is for all people and all voices, not just the voices of those who echo the men currently in power. It makes some people uncomfortable. I found my own self shifting and covering my mouth in disbelief last night as he spoke...but, I was so proud to at last hear true feeling and true thought coming from a voice on my television.
I don't know if I agree with everything he said, (okay, in all fairness, I do) I'm just glad that someone is saying something...finally and saying it with conviction, dignity and with complete disregard for politeness.
Politeness keeps mouths shut and minds turned off. Politeness has made cowards of us all.


Anonymous said...

wow. i like this entry a lot. thank you.

- tawnya

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would write something about this. Kent and I watched countdown monday night and as soon as keith finished, we were both just stunned. Not to sound like a hippy, but it was just so right on.

Jimi said...

I love you Keith.

Anonymous said...

so freaking awesome!