Thursday, September 21, 2006

ANTM is back in full shim/herm attack

Last night's return of America's Next Top Model did not disappoint. Nearly all of the contestants are revolting; ranging somewhere between physically disgusting and personality challenged (i.e. fucking annoying, like, if she flashes that "goat" sign one more time I'm going to hunt her down and pluck out her squinty eyes and kick her down a flight of stairs type annoying). Tyra is more drag than ever. Her wig. Jesus. Christ. And Lars and I are in debate as to whether there is anyone left in her entourage who will tell her, "No." Like, "Ya know, Ty Ty...your 'diva' impersonation is a little embarrassing and totally unnecessary...I mean, these other girls are here to make fools of themselves, so you don't have to...I'm just saying."
All and all, I'm terribly excited for the season...not that the CW gave us any hints, forgoing the usual, "THIS SEASON ON AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL..." preview at the end of the episode.
One of the girls is from my home will take me like three weeks to start remembering all of their names, so forgive me for calling her "the Indian girl."
HOMESTEAD!! WHaaaaaat!! I wonder if the folks down there are still down with O.P.P.


Jimi said...

I really enjoy the therapy component of that show. It's like each girl has to cry about something at some point, and the show is their way of "breaking free" of their issues (which are usually lame except for the girl who got into a plane crash and had to spend hours under her mother's corpse - Jeeeezus). And. I also. love. how Tyra. speaks. in such a... staccato. way. It's.... Shatneresque sometimes.

Anonymous said...