Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tawnya begged me to write another blog so she wouldn't have to see Paris Hilton's beef lips anymore...so, here ya go Tawnya!

It's been a weird week already. I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by all the shit I have to do and I'm starting to think that maybe some things have to go. I feel stretched completely thin and it wears me out just thinking about the 10 million things I've got going on. I always do this. Everything I like always ends up being a chore... like, one more thing I gotta do. Ya know? Does that make any sense? Everything, that is, except this blog, dear reader. (Okay, even this blog sometimes...I mean, I can't stop blogging about butts and butt babies and Paris Hilton's foo and you have no idea how hard it was for me not to write an entire blog about how in War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise gets sucked into and then pulled out of this giant alien butthole, but not before he "drops his grenades" .... and then he, I wish I were making this up, he spits out the the grenade pins. Come on. It was like a scene filmed just for me...but, I digress about butts....again).
Anyway, enough about me. I spent a lot of the day looking up other "Schnugs" on the interwebby. It's weird, when we first got Stan almost 2 years ago...there was nothing and now, BAM...there's like 8 of them. I found a few on dogster and a few on myspace. They're all like little twinners. I want to have them all over for a little doggie tea party or something.
I'm so gay, I've even been thinking about creating a website where people can post pictures of them and tell stories about them. I mean, I would love to have a website like that to dork out over and since no one else has taken the reigns, it might as well be me right? I mean, it's not like I don't have enough to do.

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