Monday, August 07, 2006

Arby's called and they want their roast beef back (Not safe for work, or if you plan on eating any time soon)

My friend Kinza brought this picture to my attention this morning. Does Paris Hilton have balls? What the hell is that?
Paris Hilton has a long history of "airing out" her dirty bits. Yes, we get don't like to wear underwear, okay...okay, but didn't anyone in your entire life as a socialite, teach you the proper way to get out of a car? Knees together, Paris. Say it with me, "KNEES TOGETHER."
I can forgive all of the beef lips shots, but I really cannot forgive this unexplained bit of anatomy displayed above. Is that her ass? What is it? For the love of God.
I will give anyone who can tell me what that is between P.H.'s legs in the last picture a home made button.

*Click on photos for larger, more grotesque your own risk.

1 comment:

Jimi said...

Fucking nasty! It looks like she has a fuckin' tampoon in the first picture.