Thursday, August 17, 2006

Makin' love out of nothing at all

I am typing this blog from my very own little MacBook. I'm at home, it's past my bed time, I'm listening to some Air Supply that I just downloaded from Myspace and like, it's totally sweet.
There's just something cute about owning a computer named after my dad.
Anyway, so here's a picture that Mack Jr. took of Angie, me, Tawnya and Mika. We're pretty cute, yo.

In other news, Vincent is STILL on Project Runway! Dude sucks and dude is crazy...and not like fun, mean crazy like Santino...Vincent is annoying, batshit, boring crazy. I'm so sick of his delusional ass, dudes. I guess I shouldn't complain since I've never liked that mumble fuck blonde girl that much either...but, like making your model look "fat" one time a bigger sin than making your models look like a walking piece of dog crap week after week? I think, no.

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