Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I officially have a part time job

...as a writer. I'm going to be the Head Writer at New West SLC. I'll be making some extra cash that the Medleys desperately need and I'll also get to justify the purchase of my very own...dare I even say it?.... MacBook. Of course getting the computer pretty much makes the first few months of extra work a wash, but without a computer I wouldn't be able to do the work at all...so there.
Having the computer also opens up so many other "Freelance writing" possibilities.

You guys, I'm really excited about this job...really excited. I've always enjoyed writing for New West, but believe me as a person who doesn't get paid what she's worth at her 9-5 job, writing stuff for free was taking its toll. This will mean so much for me personally (I'm not just an order monkey, goddammit!) and so much for our finances. I mean, it's not an incredible amount of money, but it will definitely be the difference between like...ok, we ran out of toilet paper...can we afford toilet paper?...uhhh and Oh! we're out of toilet paper...let's hop in the car.
I only wish I was exaggerating about our money trauma, but I'm not. Debt has loomed large over the past few months. So much that I've put everything from my roller skates to my wedding dress on ebay. The roller skates I'm selling to fund, what else?... better roller skates!! (ankle support and all)....and the wedding dress I put up today to help buy the MacBook.
I have to admit it was hard. It took almost 45 minutes to click SUBMIT and when I did, I cried a little. Lars even admitted that it made him a bit sad...which, of course made me more sad. But, ultimately the fear of more crippling debt won out over sentimentality. I'm never going to wear that dress again...as beautiful as it is, but I have a million pictures and I've got the husband, which is really the important thing, right?
So, I'm trading my white dress for a white Apple and like Eve in the garden I'll use it to unlock the world of my potential.

Yeah, that last line is the fucking cheesiest thing I've ever written. Awesome, I blame all the Air Supply I've been listening to lately.

Speaking of Air Supply...my birthday is coming up (HINT)...and I've got an Amazon wishlist.


Jimi said...

Good job on the job. And the Mac. That's awesome. I strongly recommend getting a wireless router for your place too. Then you can be online anywhere in the house, even on the shitter. Freedom!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations sister.

^My girlfriend forbids use of the wireless router while on the shitter. :(