Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Your mother never should have pooped you out

Since I'm on the mega-rag of all mega-rags, I have no intention of doing any work today. I've been reading crazy shit on IMDB about the Omen III, which I watched last night before going to bed. First, let me say that the Omen III sucks major balls and wimps out every time it's about to get good (i.e. when the chick is about to iron her baby and at the very end, the biggest cop out of all, after Damian gets stabbed a giant Jesus appears and bible verses are splayed across the screen...but, like Damian didn't even really start any shit yet...so, what the hell?) Ok, well, anyway there's this really weird sex scene where Damian is banging this chick who looks like Katherine Hepburn's bastard tranny child. They're having some standard missionary sex when Damian suddenly wigs, flips her over violently and pretty clearly "puts one in the stink," as they say. So, there's this huge debate on the message boards about whether or not he actually "sodomized" her. C'mon people...he's the son of Satan...is it really so hard to believe? Not to mention the fact that while he's doing it, he's babbling about "knowing pain" and "showing [her] pain." Hello.
Well, ok, but it gets even better because according to folks who have read the subsequent novel,The Omen IV: The Abomination... the lady is totally knocked up and when she delivers the baby...IT COMES OUT OF HER BUTT!!! She has a literal "butt baby" with the son of Satan. Awesome!


Aiszae said...

Oh, my God...you absolutely crack me up! This entry was awsome!

I found you via Loreal Bishop's LiveJournal.

Tracy said...

Hey! That's lrig from TRS!
(re-reading that, it sounded like code).

Thanks for reading dude.

Jimi said...

I'd sodomize Katherine Hepburn.