Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where have all the purse dogs gone?

Tinks?....Bit-Bit? Where are you?
I realize that Britney pooped out that kid and she only has two arms, but whatever happened to her "beloved" chihuahua, Bit-Bit? And Paris Hilton has been extra busy being ugly, slutty and worthless these days, but, doesn't she care at all for little Tinkerbell?... and what about the even smaller one she got to replace Tinks when she bumped up over the 5 lb. mark?
If ever a trend among the vapid-whore set pissed me off more, I just don't know. Buy a dog for fucking fashion and carry it around, hoping that if people are looking at your cute little, under-exercised ball of canine neurosis, maybe they won't see how dead your eyes are.
But, little dogs are so 2003, so they were probably skinned and turned into to some kind of Chihuahua-leather bikini for Paris and maybe a new pube beard was made out of Bit-Bit for Mr. Britney's chin.

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Sara said...

this made me pee in my pants a little bit. ha!