Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Butt baby

Tawnya and Angie are on their way to Bath...or as I like to call it, Jane-Austenshire: Land where they better be finding me a present. It's been 9 days without my best friends around and I'm going more than slightly blotto. I swear to Christ that I watched and enjoyed an entire Prison Break marathon on FX over the weekend, which led to watching the new episode of Prison Break last night. If there has ever been a more appropriate time to pull out the "wtf?" I don't know when. Prison Break, y'all....THAT is my life now.
At least until Friday. On Friday my friends will come home and make owning a cell phone worth while again.
It's just that I lost both of my friends and Battlestar Galactica all in the same weekend. It was too much. Speaking of Battlestar, I totally dreamt that the Battlestar universe and the Starship Troopers universe had a butt baby the other night. It picked up where the last episode left off, with everyone mulling around New Caprica, but instead of cylon-centurions guarding them, there were "space bugs." At least there wasn't Casper Van Diem.

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