Thursday, January 19, 2006

When I say that television saved my life... I mean that shit.

It's been a bad month. I've even been scaring my own mother with my down-in-the-mouth-ery. Money is tight and my dogs won't stop eating my blankets and furniture (really...enough with the separation anxiety already). This winter DARKNESS isn't helping either. DARK when I wake up. DARK before I leave work. Dark. Dark. Dark. Permanent midnight fucking dark.
In the midst of all this stress there is one remaining constant joy... yes, television.
Between Battlestar Galactica and Project Runway...I've managed to kick at least 15% of my winter doldrums.
Every week, I wait for Friday. Oh my god! Commander, er...Admiral Adama totally kissed the president and The E.J.O. (Edward James Olmos) really drives it home with that smiling through tears thing he does and I cry...and I feel better and I can't wait until the next episode. (Ahhh... Dr. Baltar and Toaster stem-cell research, ahhh tomorrow is only tomorrow away).
Last night's episode of Project Runway made me laugh so hard, I almost died. Besides getting to see all of these snotty designers having to don ice-skating costumes for most of the episode there was also repeated use of the word "tootie" to describe what the rest of the world knows as "camel toe" during judging. "TOOTIE." A grown woman, with, presumably a million dollar a year job kept calling one of the costumes "vulgar" because you could see "way too much tootie." Come the fuck on. If that doesn't cheer a girl up, nothing will.

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