Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My return to the radio.

In exactly 4 hours and 10 minutes I will return to the radio. I'm filling in for the Local Imposters show tonight on KRCL. You can listen live HERE. (or 90.9 fm in SLC) 8:30 - 10:30
Will I remember how to push the buttons? Will I lisp? Will I crash and burn?
You'll only know if you listen.


Anonymous said...

you did good, little duder. real good.

Anonymous said...

I had the radio on my computer @ work. Unfortunately, I work in a computer lab and could rarely hear it. I listened for your voice and there it was, across the great distance. It was comforting and kind. It was knowledgeable and full of humor. I cried a little when I was listening to you talk. I could imagine the room at the radio station where I had visited and brought you spring rolls and carrot soup. I miss you dude. It was pretty miraculous being able to hear your voice in that way.
I hope the perma-dark doesn't bring you too far down, you are beautiful and you are loved.