Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A million ways to say I'm bored with you

All of my usual internet haunts just aren't doing it for me today. I read Dooce, which was, as always irritatingly well written and hilarious. I read Go Fug Yourself and I giggled at Crispin Glover and Courtney Peldon..(but, mostly because on one of Crispin's many visits to Salt Lake, Angie and I stalked him in a Hollywood video until her sister, Chrissy, completely embarrassed by us, forced us to stop. I kept saying, "Hey, you...get yer damn hands off her" over and over, kind of hoping he'd hear me, cos rumor has it, that really pisses him off). I've checked TheRocksalt a few times and even posted a couple of things, but I'm still fucking ridiculously bored.
Don't say, "get to work" cos I tried that too...and it just made me more bored.
The heater above my head is working overtime and I think it's stealing all of the moisture from my brain.
Yeah, that's it.

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Bellanue said...

Pink is the New Blog - usually good time waster - if you like celeb gossip and mindless crap -

Boing Boing, very entertaining -