Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What the hell is with assholes who have to walk like 3 paces behind you, in your peripheral vision?

This douchebag walked steadily behind me, no matter that I kept varying my pace, all the way from the busstop to the library door. I don't know if he's wrong for doing it or I'm wrong for wanting to crack his skull for doing it.
Fucking close-walkers.
Lars and I watched the Ashton Kutcher classic, The Butterfly Effect last night. WTF? LMFAO. LOL. IMHO Ashton Kutcher is the best. actor. ever.
So, the movie's plot is innocent enough. Kid blacks out a lot. Crappy shit always happens when he blacks out. When he grows up he figures out that if he stares blankly enough at his childhood journals that everything will get blurry and that he can time travel and make different decisions and thus change the course of his life and the life of his friends. Of course...he totally fucks shit up. See the scene where he wakes up as a frat boy.
I liked this movie when I saw it the first time and it was called Donnie Darko.

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