Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just when you get used to a thing

I haven't found a winter coat yet. I haven't gotten new tights or warm skirts or even a satisfactory sweater. At autumn, I'm an abject failure. There is, of course, the fact that autumn lasts all of 45 seconds in Utah, so I can't really be blamed for being tragically behind the fall wardrobe curve, can I? I'm in a rut. Yes, the same rut.
Every morning I wake up 30 minutes late, struggle through my shower, the Today Show, the walk to the bus, the walk to the library from the bus stop, the sitting at my desk, the painful eye-strain, the boring tasks, the l o o o o o o o o o ng 8 hours.
Next is the walk to the bus, the bus ride, the long walk home, where I find that all I can bring myself to do is sit on our broken futon, watching this or that irritating thing on t.v. until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Of course, there are the friends, the cute animals, the wonderful, I really can't explain what's with all the moping.
Perhaps the new robin's egg color scheme of this blog will help.... or drugs. I could always start doing drugs.


sara poop face said...

umn, i'm still wearing flip flops and sandals around town because that is the only foot wear that i currently own.

poop face said...

for the record, i would really like to correct the grammar of my last comment. it would have gone something like this:


I am still wearing flip-flops and sandals around town because they are the only footwear I currently own.



something like that.