Friday, October 28, 2005

I know you like to thank that yo shit don't stank

I've been looking back a lot lately at who I used to be and what my life used to be like. I watched a bunch of old home movies last weekend, which always produces the same result: I laugh my ass off and then get depressed.
Watching my family "back in the day" is always bittersweet. My brother and sister were the without a doubt the cutest children that have ever walked this planet. My brother with his rainbow suspenders and bowl haircut. My sister with her baby curls and devil grin. Watching them as babies would make anyone's heart explode. Plus, there were puppies and ponies and baby raccoons, but my mom was never very happy in videos....and I range from needy and annoying (1st child "look at me, goddammit!" syndrome) to the "get that fucking camera out of my face!" teenage angsty phase. It's hard and hilarious to watch yourself at 16 saying things like, "Uhh, I hate still photography" and meaning it.
Better still is watching myself say that while wearing a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt and sporting a spiral perm so tight it would rival Dick Cheney's butthole.

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