Monday, October 03, 2005

Walter and Stanley

The new baby arrived yesterday with my sister. He looked so much like Stanley at first I wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to tell them apart, but, once they were together it was easy to see. Walter (that's most likely going to be his name, since I blurted it out remarking how he looked exactly like Walter Matthau) beefier than Stanley. He has a thick head and neck and a completely Schnauzer snout and smile. Walt's back is much darker and he's nowhere near as fluffy as the Stanner.
But, the real telling difference is in their personalities. Stanley is rambunctious bordering on insane; he is passionate and feisty and runs like a speeding bullet. Walter is meeeellllloooowwwww. He's so completely chilled out it's hard to believe that he's related to Stanley at all...and is still technically a puppy. He's an old soul and he absolutely reminds me the most of his grammy, Jackie (The queen mother and goddess of all dogs).
What my two little beasts do have in common is an almost unbearable sweetness.
I was a little nervous to introduce them, afraid that Stanley, as much as he loves to play with other dogs, might not want one having run of his territory. We re-introduced them in the front yard and after one tiny growl, they trotted to the back yard and played. Stanley had his infectious little alligator grin on his face the whole day. He's so happy to have a playmate, even a lazy playmate.
I know you'll want to argue with me, but I swear they remember each other. They've been walking shoulder to shoulder, with their little matching curly-q tails curling in opposite directions since the first 15 minutes.

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