Friday, September 02, 2005

WARNING...this blog is about to explode

I have been completely pissed off and outraged watching the news over the past couple of days. This morning I was watching CNN in my eye doctor's office and the Congressional Black Caucus was having a press conference. They were articulating most of my thoughts from yesterday.
Would these people still be trapped in these conditions (hungry, cramped, hot, stranded on rooftops, dying) for 5 (now 6) days if they were white?
Would there be such a "crackdown" on "looting" if the racist media wasn't looping the same three pieces of footage they have showing African Americans with bags of Nikes and television sets? I have watched a ton of news and most of the people the media is actually TALKING to are white. One white woman even admitted to looting some groceries herself and she was met with a sympathetic "oh sure" by the journalist when not 10 seconds later the same journalist rudely accosted a black woman carrying a bag of shoes. "My family doesn't have any shoes, we lost em' I don't want them stepping on any nails in their bare feet."
It's not like I'm okay with stealing, but this is a state of emergency (or at least it should have been declared so days ago by our president) and these companies will be reimbursed for their lost/ damaged goods.... but, these are people, American citizens who are being rounded up, criminalized, marginalized and treated like cattle. We're even calling them refugees. They're not refugees, they are Americans and I'm just so disgusted right now with the lack of response and compassion from our government. I can't believe that people and babies are dying IN AMERICA because they have no water to drink 5 DAYS after a hurricane. It is unpardonable and unacceptable.
Where the hell are the reinforcements? Why isn't the National guard here to do what it was designed to do? Where are all the helicopters? Why are certain areas being deemed "too dangerous" to send in rescue efforts when Harry fucking Connick Jr. can walk blithely in and out or these supposed areas? Why are they sending more guys with guns and less guys with food.
I'm fucking pissed off. I'm outraged.
I cannot believe that in 2005 we are still such a fucking despicable, racist country that we have let our brothers and sisters linger like this for a week.
Now that I've said my peace about the people... the animals. I realize the logistic problems in allowing people to have their animals in a shelter with them, but is it that impossible to set up a temporary animal boarding facility somewhere near by? What is happening to the animals that are being taken away from families who want to be bused to other states, but are told they can't take their animals with them?
Is there any way to have these animals fostered by other people until their owners are back on their feet again?
I realize in the wake of such tragedy, that animals (to a lot of people) are not the top priority, but as an animal lover and mommy to 4 pets of my own, I can tell you that disallowing survivors their pets is just more devastation. You might as well spit in their faces. "Oh sorry you've lost everything in the world...Let me kick you in the stomach and tug on your balls for a second now too, if you don't mind."
Fuck that. I would sleep on the street before I would let them take my animals away. It's ridiculous.
If you would like to donate some money to help the displaced people-friends you should look here.
So, what do we do now?
Sigh. I have some trite ass shit to blab at you about, but I'm not in the mood. I'll do it later.


Maria said...

I felt that President Bush response was a little too late for a major crisis like this. What more, America is a 1st world;developed country and for it to be handling it like this is just ....well, shocking really.

My outmost sympathy to the victims and all those affected by hurricane Katrina. Although i'm halfway round the world, you'll be in my prayers.

ErLeCa said...

You just took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I'm OK with stealing, especially if it's the poor stealing from the rich.