Thursday, September 01, 2005

He can't even hold a guitar right

I'm planning a wedding while thousands of devastated and displaced Americans don't have food, water or shelter. I just donated and you should too.
If you live in the Salt Lake area...some of Katrina's *displaced American citizens will be coming here, let's welcome them with open arms and hearts.

My family made it through hurricane Andrew, so I have every confidence that the people of New Orleans will get back on their feet and get that town back to it's crazy-beautiful self...but, right now they're hurting and they're do what you can.

I'm really glad that our president has taken the time to visit these folks and assure them that things will be okay. Oh wait...he hasn't done that yet, he had a few talking points to make someplace else.

Wedding Countdown: 9 days

*Edited by Tracy because she's starting to find the term "refugees" totally offensive and subjugating.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I don't quite have the confidence they will come back like we did in Homestead. Having seen what can happen in a cat 5 hurricane first hand, Katrina was 100 times worse because of the flooding and storm surge. Totally sucks. Adopt a Cajun.